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Childcare Costs in Minneapolis, MN

Childcare Costs

At Atrebla Early Learning Center in Minneapolis, MN our rates are based on Hennepin County Day Care rates.

Pricing Information:

Registration fee: $63.60/child

Infant Rates:

Full Day – $86.24
Hourly – $10.00
Weekly – $268.00

Toddler Rates:

Full Day – $64.15
Hourly – $9.00
Weekly – $225.00

Preschooler Rates:

Full Day – $57.84
Hourly – $8.00
Weekly – $201.00

Kindergarten / School Age Rates:

Full Day – $53.74
Hourly – $7.50
Weekly – $186.14
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Credit Card Payments

Please click on the buy now icon below to make a credit card payment. This will take you to PayPal's website. Credit card payments can also be made at our childcare center.