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Learning Center Newsletter and Calendar in Minneapolis, MN

Atrebla South library day is each Wednesday.

Please respect your scheduled time for your child(ren) to be at our center unless pre-arranged by the director.

Curriculum Overview

Core Knowledge provided by Cargill is used to help develop the children though movement/music, oral language, scientific reasoning, nursery rhymes, and visual arts.

The scientific RESEARCH COMPANY DISTAR developed reading Program. This reading program is simply a consistent program designed to help children in their first developmental steps in learning how to read. Unlike many other reading programs, DISTAR teaches children to read from letter sounds.

The Math Program is designed to help our children master math easily and naturally. This math program teaches children the beginning stages of understanding numbers, patterns, and thinking skills.

Our Writing Program is essential to helping children develop handwriting and sequential order skills.

Spanish is taught weekly. We focus on numbers, colors, alphabets, greetings, and days of the week.

Dance class is designed to teach creative movement.

Parent Reminders

ACH Deposit allows Atrebla to transfer childcare fees from your checking or saving account to ATREBLA'S checking accounts. For further information see the Director.

Volunteers are welcome on all field trips!

We will be going outside to enjoy the fresh air. Please dress your children properly for outside play. They need proper clothing which includes boots, coats, and hats.


In case of severe weather condition, fire, or other disasters causing damage to the building, or all staff events Atrebla Early Learning Center will close. You will get a call from your child (ren)'s Lead Teacher or Director. When a closing is declared during the business day, all parents must pick up their child(ren) within two hours of closing announcement. Closing information due to weather that is determined during the night is broadcast on WCCO TV Channel 4. Parents are not charged for these days.

Inspirational Quote

“Within our dreams and aspirations, we find our opportunities.”
- Sugar Ray Leonard


Take a moment to check out the calendar below to see all of the wonderful events we have going on this year. It also shows our scheduled openings and closings at our childcare center
Atrebla 2016-17 Yearly Calendar_Page_1
Atrebla 2016-17 Yearly Calendar_Page_2